Gathering Gloom


Gathering Gloom, the game.

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Gathering Gloom is a cooperative game for 1 to 5 monsters.

You play as one of 12 monster characters (witch, werewolf, vampire, zombie and others). You need to solve a number of crises that have arisen in your home and family businesses (the mortuary and a mining company). But the villagers of Banebridge Village think you might be monsters and they’re out to prove it.
If you resolve your pre-counted crises, you win. Unless you reach 50 points of Gloom (the measure of how much the Village fears the entire family), or any single character reaches 12 points of Fear (the measure of how much the Villagers fear that character). If you reach either of those thresholds, the Villagers are coming with pitchforks and torches.
Game over.
The box contains: 1 game board, a rule book. 12 character cards, 12 cardboard character standees, 286 mini cards, 4 dice, 3 sheets of cardboard tokens.

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