Storm Dragons Rules

Rules FAQ

Errata: This was omitted:

Final step of setup: Draw 5 cards from your draw pile to create your starting hand.

Additional questions:

How many storms and/or dragons can I play?

On your turn, you may play one card: a storm or a dragon. A storm will go in the storm front at the head (on top) or tail (the bottom) of the storm pile. A dragon follows similar rules: place the dragon in the dragon flight at the head or the tail. Some dragons break this rule. When they do, follow the instructions on the card.

In the instructions it suggests that the large number on the dragon only counts when it’s the head of the group but in the BGG preview video it suggests that both numbers are in play on each of the dragon cards, not just the front one.

When you stack dragon or storm cards – with the left edge of the top card lined up on the pole – you will see the large numbers and small numbers only on the top card in your stack. The cards in back of that will only show the small numbers. You should only count numbers you can see. Further, you will only count the visible “day” numbers (top of the card) during the day. Or, you will count the “night” numbers (lower half of the card) during the night.

In this example, you would score 9 points for the Juggernaut and 0 for the spy in the day. At night, you would score 9 + 1. The spy’s ability and head value (the larger numbers) are not active because they are covered.