Burning Phoenix Inn, Second Edition


Second edition of the rumor set collection card game: Burning Phoenix Inn.

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Welcome back to the Burning Phoenix Inn.

Inspired by the Prancing Pony Inn where Frodo and his friends met Strider, the Burning Phoenix Inn is where Legendary Adventurers gather to shoot the breeze and brag about their adventures. You are there as a young wanna-be adventurer trying to gather enough rumors to go have your own adventure and make your own name legendary.

This is a set collection card game that makes go-fish blush from a feeling of inadequacy. Ten different actions will allow you to manage your hand and gather your set of 5 winning rumors. Or, gather up 5 Shadow Riders. Or, collect 15 coins by gambling and playing tavern games like darts, arm wrestling and the drinking game.

Any way you win, you’ll have 30 – 45 minutes of tavern fun with 2 to 6 of your best buddies.

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