Burning Phoenix Inn

Burning phoenix Inn

The best pub night ever!

Elves, dwarves, rangers. Yep, they all meet here at the Burning Phoenix Inn, on the border between Avondell and Magdar. You might even see some rougher elements like dark riders.

But who cares about them? You’re here to play darts, buy a round of drinks, arm wrestle and gather rumors that might lead you to your next great adventure.

Rhianna the bard
Rhianna will sing you a song. Maybe the lyrics contain a hidden clue.
drinking game
Play a drinking game. Win coin from friends.
Play darts. More coin. Fewer friends?
arm wrestle
Is arm wrestling less dangerous than a brawl?

Burning Phoenix Inn
The best pub mingle ever!

Burning Phoenix Inn

87 cards (rumors, legendary adventurers, shadow riders, wealth trackers), 8 plastic clips, rule cards.

You want to go adventuring but you don’t know where to go. You head to the Burning Phoenix Inn to gather rumors from the adventurers you admire most.

Eavesdrop. Play darts. Gamble. Buy a round of drinks. Arm wrestle. Buy more drinks. Gossip. Ask around about rumors.

It’s the best night at the pub you always wanted to have. Without the hangover.

gossip with the barmaid
Gossip with the barmaid

How do you find rumors?

She’s not so busy that she won’t pause in her rounds to chat with her favorite customers. Yes, that’s you.

Order a drink. Drop a hint about what you’ve heard. You never know this may be your lucky night.

Eerie tales
Listen to eerie tales.

Did you hear the one…

There are so many sources of rumors. Everyone has their own creepy story to tell. Listen closely to gather the clues you need to find your adventure.